Our Leather

why we only use vegetable tanned leather

Vegetable tanned leather is the traditional way of tanning leather. It’s the way leather has been crafted for the last few hundred years. It is by far the most environmentally friendly way of making leather and it creates a natural, unique and characteristic leather. During the tanning process the raw hides are kept in wooden drums over a few months, where they transform into strong and durable leather. It normally takes at least 6 weeks for the leather to mature. Sadly vegetable tanning is a technique that is slowly dying out due to its time consuming process.

Nowadays almost all leather is Chrome tanned. This is a much quicker and cheaper way to mass-produce leather. It’s easy to identify chrome tanned leather. It normally smells like chemicals and doesn't feel (neither is) natural. In contrast to the chrome tanned leather, the vegetable tanned leather ages naturally and beautifully.

We think it is important to make products that are gentle on your dog's skin, as well as the environment. For us the choice to use only vegetable tanned leather in our products came natural.