About us

At Svea Dogs, we have loved and cared for dogs of all shapes and sizes for over 25 years. But we have always been frustrated by the poor quality of products available for dogs. Collars that stretch and lose their colour after two or three months. Leads that snap. Cheap and boring accessories. We decided to do something about it.

Svea Dogs products are designed right here in Sydney, Australia. We design all of our products to epitomise durability and style. Our textile-based products are manufactured by hand in Sydney, from beautiful fabrics carefully selected in Sweden. Our leather goods are handcrafted in Australia by expert leatherworkers and saddlers. The hides are selected and cut to ensure the richness and strength of the raw leather. The leather is tanned the old way - which takes over six weeks using natural tree acids - rather than over a few hours with harsh chemicals (think chromium and sulfuric acid) as in cheap off-the-shelf products.


Napoleon ThePug loves his Svea dogs scarves. His fav will have to be the blue polka dots one. They are also super resistant. They are very durable, machine washable and most of all pug-proof. I like to wash Napoleon's regularly and they still look as good as new. Same beautiful colour and quality. Every time I go to put one on him, he sits and wags his little pug tail! Adorable!


My dog Trigger was a 6 year old rescue dog when I first got him, he arrived with many fears and in the first few months we faced many obstacles. During that time I met Hanna (svea dogs) whilst out on one of my daily walks. I was automatically drawn to her calm gentle energy. And obvious passion and love for the work that she does, I knew that if the time came that I could use her services then I would. After some time when Trigger was more settled I contacted Hanna and have never looked back. Not only do I trust her completely the change in Trigger is her biggest testimony. He is calmer, happier and more confident around people and other dogs, and I 100% believe her love and experience has helped me turn a older abused abandoned dog into Mr Trigger the kind gentleman. Never believe the saying you can never teach a old dog new tricks! I would and have recommended her services with complete confidence


Leaving my 3 dogs for the 1st time ever to go on a family holiday looked to be a daunting experience. After looking at many options I decided on Hanna who is super reliable and has a genuine love of animals. Before going away Hanna came over to get to know and bond with the dogs and become familiar with their routine. Her calm, caring and gentle nature are important as my 12 year old Staffy is quite anxious and fickle and didn't get on with my 14 year old Cattle cross who needed special attention. Hanna's daily updates of reports and photos put me at ease. I went away again a year later totally relaxed knowing the dogs love Hanna and would be totally safe in her caring hands.


I am lucky to have seen how Hanna treats animals and any dog that is taken care of by Svea Dogs will be a very happy and contented animal. I would highly recommend this service to anyone.


I work at Sydney Dogs and Cats Home as a kennel assistant and also run my own business in dog behaviour and dog training (Nooch’s Pooches). Hanna is a volunteer here at the home and her positive attitude and her calm energy reflects when she is walking/training some of our dogs. She is knowledgeable and her technique is loved by our pooches, and the results show.